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Beautiful & healthy teeth in our dental surgery

Healthy teeth, for a whole lifetime – that’s what everyone wants. Not only regular home care, but also a professional wellness accompaniment by your dentist and your prophylaxis specialists are very important. At our dental practice, you will be treated by our experienced dental hygienist Pamela Rillig and other prophylaxis assistants. They will be pleased to take care of your oral health. This includes first and foremost the professional cleaning of teeth.

What happens during professional teeth cleaning?

During professional dental cleaning in our practice in Berlin Mitte, you will receive a treatment throughout the mouth area.

Removing plaque: Our prophylaxis specialists remove all soft and mineralized plaque with gentle and modern equipment. Not only the teeth are cleaned, but also the gums. A solution is used, which is flushed on teeth and gums with a relatively large amount of pressure, so that the harmful bacteria can be eliminated very specifically. It is important that professional teeth cleaning also covers the area between the gums and the cervix of the teeth, as well as the interdental spaces, because this is where good potential for attack by caries can be found.

Enamel polishing: Then your teeth are brushed with brushes and a tasty paste. Regular deep fluoridation of the teeth is also recommended. For home care, we produce individual fluoride gel trays. So that you can be sure to maintain your teeth properly at home, we give you individual prophylaxis recommendations and show you effective cleaning techniques and the correct use of aids.

Prevention & dental care at home

If you regularly have your teeth cleaned professionally, you will no longer have problems with unsightly discoloration, caries or periodontal disease. Provided that you also heed personal dental care standards, such as regular brushing, the use of quality toothpaste and high quality dental floss. With regular prophylaxis through professional teeth cleaning, your oral flora will be kept healthy – the safest way to effectively avoid dentures and to enjoy the benefit of your own teeth until old age.

Teeth whitening & Bleaching

By means of professional teeth cleaning, you contribute to the health of your teeth and maintain or create a beautiful smile. The professional cleaning of the teeth allows you to remove most of the external discoloration. The result is significantly brighter teeth. If you want a brighter result, or if not all discolorations can be removed by a professional tooth cleaning, we can also treat your teeth by Bleaching. At our practice, we have opted for a particularly gentle bleaching treatment, which only lasts one hour. Depending on the desired result, we carry out up to four bleaching partial treatments, a special lamp can be used to intensify the effect. The treatment is very well tolerated by our patients.

Do you want to prevent periodontal disease, tooth discoloration or caries and are interested in professional tooth cleaning or bleaching? Make your appointment now at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE!