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Saving your teeth instead of replacing them

Sometimes a tooth can only be saved with a root canal treatment. However, many patients are afraid of the pain and therefore shy away from endodontic therapy at the dentist. There is absolutely no reason for that because with the modern methods of root canal treatment at our dental practice Berlin MITTE, it is possible today to preserve a tooth long-term and gently – so that you can chew powerfully for many more years. Because natural teeth are always preferable even to very high quality dentures.

How is a root inflammation noticeable?

A root treatment (endodontics) is indicated whenever the nerve is already strongly damaged by deep caries, an accident or an inflammation. Bacteria penetrate the inside of the tooth and can ultimately affect the jaw bone, which can lead to serious impairment of overall health. Severe pain is usually the result of inflammation. Even a completely painless progression of the disease is possible, which is why a root inflammation, which often follows an inflammation of the tooth nerve, can only be detected by X-rays.

What happens during root canal treatment?

During root canal treatment, the dentist removes the inflamed tissue from the root of the tooth, eliminating existing pain. A complete and edge-tight filling of the root canals is then performed. Root canal treatments are performed at the dental practice Berlin MITTE under rubber dam if possible, a plastic-like cuff, which is clamped around the tooth with a metal clamp and isolates it. The rubber dam creates a sterile, saliva-free environment.

Machine Preparation: First, the tooth is opened and thus an access to the inflamed tooth root is created. Thereafter, the root canals are machined with the help of filigree disposable files and rinsing solutions, the interior of the tooth is freed from destroyed tissue and disinfected.

Ultrasound cleaning: The modern method of application of high frequency ultrasound serves to improve the distribution of disinfectants in the root canal, thus achieving a more uniform purification. In addition, ultrasound can also be used to ablate the inflamed tissue.

Root filling & dentures: Finally, the treated tooth receives a thermoplastic filling and, since it is now at increased risk of breakage, is supplied with a high-quality dental crown made of all-ceramics. The final treatment of the tooth is often carried out at a later stage in order to allow the possible inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth root to heal completely.

What is a root tip resection?

Root canal treatment is not always successful right away and the root canal inflammation does not go away. If this is already very far advanced and has attacked the root tip, it must be surgically removed. This is called “root tip resection” (RTR). On request, we perform this completely painlessly under general anaesthesia, so that you sleep soundly and notice nothing about the operation.

Laser treatment: With the intensely bundled light beam of the laser, the inflamed root tip is removed gently, and the tissue is vaporized at the same time so that no post-bleeding should occur as would be expected when using a scalpel. As a result, fewer post-operative symptoms occur with the laser and the tooth can be quickly further treated.

Are you interested in painless and gentle root canal treatment? Make your appointment now at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE!