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Gentle treatment with precision

Fear of the dentist and his instruments is a thing of the past. With new methods and the dental equipment of today, much gentler treatments are possible, preserving valuable tooth substance. One of these methods is treatment by laser at our dental practice Berlin MITTE. Laser beams consist of highly concentrated light of a certain wavelength and high energy. The laser is often found in modern dentistry – especially in periodontology, root tip resection (RTR) and during bleaching.

Targeted laser treatment

The laser beam can be used very purposefully, so that the healthy part of the tooth or soft tissue is not affected. During use, little or much less pain occurs than with normal treatment. Also, possible swelling and bleeding during gum treatments are reduced and the healing process is accelerated. Anaesthesia can therefore often be dispensed with or the amount reduced. All in all: Laser treatment at the dentist makes gentle treatment possible – for the benefit of the patient.

Scope of application of laser treatment:

The laser is a bundled beam of light that can be used in many different ways. It allows precise and minimally invasive treatment. Our dental practice Berlin MITTE works with a laser in the following areas:

Periodontics: The Periodontal treatment can be performed very gently and effectively by laser. The gingival pockets are cleaned in depth and bacteria are killed. In addition, abscesses can be removed with the laser beam gently, painlessly and without rebleeding.

Root canal treatment: The strongly focused light of the laser is used in the root canal treatment to gently remove the inflamed root tip (root tip resection). Due to the strong heat, the tissue is evaporated, so that no rebleeding is expected as with the use of the scalpel.

Bleaching: In cosmetic whitening, the bleaching process of the teeth is further enhanced by laser beam. For example, bleaching results in visible teeth whitening after a short time – for whiter teeth!

Please note: The use of a laser is a private service and is not covered by statutory health insurance.

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