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A passion for aesthetics and precision

Natural teeth can quickly be lost in the course of a lifetime. Implants that take over the function of an artificial tooth root are a comfortable solution for this. The tiny pillars of titanium are integrated into the jaw, grow in there permanently and form the foundation for firm dentures, as individual as you! Your new teeth will find a secure grip with implants – whether only an anterior tooth is missing or whether the entire jaw is toothless.

Professor Andreas Olze has 25 years of experience in implantology and, after a detailed diagnosis, will create an individual treatment concept based on your needs!

 What are the benefits of dental implants at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE?

A major advantage of implants is that no healthy teeth have to be ground down to fix the dentures. There are no bothersome fixtures as with classic prosthetics. When chewing, speaking or laughing, no impairment or slipping of the prosthesis is felt, the natural facial contours remain intact.

Precise diagnostics and planning Precise diagnostics and careful planning are the basis of every implant treatment. We work with low-radiation 3D X-ray (DVT). The position of the implant can thus be determined exactly beforehand.

Bone grafting Dental implants need a stable foundation. We use modern techniques of bone grafting, preferably with the patient’s own bone or bone replacement materials – together with the world-renowned specialist Professor Fouad Khoury.

Types of care Whether a tooth gap or edentulous jaw is concerned, firm dentures on implants are desirable and possible in different constellations. Regardless of whether you want to fix a tooth gap or are already wearing a loose prosthesis and want to secure it – we have the right treatment for you!

What do implants cost? We are happy to explain: How much does an implant treatment cost and who ultimately pays for it? We provide you with comprehensive information on your health and cost plan.

Implant aftercare We are happy to support you even after completion of an implant treatment with individual, gentle and sustainable prophylaxis at our dental practice for the long-term preservation of your implants. We also give tips on home care for your “new teeth”.