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Aesthetics and harmony for your face – fixed dentures

A smile with bright white teeth is not only a beauty ideal, but also stands for quality of life. Many patients who have lost one tooth or several teeth in the course of their life due to illness or accident, feel severely affected in everyday life. The choice of a suitable denture ideally is for a firmly seated treatment with dental implants. At the same time, there are many arguments from a dental point of view to quickly close a tooth gap again as well.

Fast gap filling with dental implants

If there is a gap over a longer period of time, the adjacent teeth may move. Improper loading and pain is the result. Even the uneven chewing load changes facial muscles and features. If the jawbone also degrades in a gap between teeth, the physiognomy will change even further – that is why a quick restoration with dentures is important in case of a tooth gap. Modern tooth replacement with implants not only optically replaces missing teeth. It gives you a harmony of aesthetics and function, because it survives for many years, just like your natural teeth.

From single tooth gap to toothless jaw

After the loss of a single tooth, we close the created gap with a single implant, which is later capped by a single crown. If several teeth are missing, we also use implants to give you back firmly seated, naturally beautiful teeth and an unembarrassed smile. In these cases, the implants then support fixed bridges or partial dentures. However, they also ensure a stable fit of a whole prosthesis for a completely edentulous jaw, the so-called “third teeth”, and even a comprehensive prosthetic restoration on implants is possible, which restores the harmony of face and teeth.

Immediate implantation – Implants in one day

In the case of optimal dental conditions, the presence of which we check with modern diagnostics, we can also provide you with fixed, aesthetic dentures on implants as part of an immediate implantation in the course of only one single, minimally invasive operation. If – underneath a tooth gap, under dentures such as bridges and prostheses or after a tooth disease such as periodontitis – greater bone loss has already developed in the jaw, we can offer you – at the dental surgery Professor Olze – in addition to implantology, also the complete range of necessary preliminary treatments, such as bone augmentation, performed by an experienced practitioner.

Are you interested in fixed dentures on implants in case of a tooth gap or a toothless jaw? Seek advice at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE!