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Bleaching for bright white teeth

Teeth should not only be healthy, they should also look good. An attractive smile – bright and free of discoloration – this is what most people want. They are a beauty ideal and represent an aspect of attractiveness. It radiates joy of life, looks likeable and makes some situations easier, privately as well as professionally. During young years, teeth are mostly still white, of course. Then, however, with increasing age, the rows of teeth have a tendency towards grey or yellowish discoloration. Various stimulants, but also dental diseases, accelerate this process. However, it is reversible, fortunately and here, Professor Olze in Berlin MITTE offers various alternatives: professional teeth cleaning, which combines optimum oral hygiene with slight teeth whitening, or a professional bleaching.

Bleaching – What is it?

During bleaching, discoloured teeth are brightened by several shades with a bleaching agent. The basis of such bleaches is a hydrogen peroxide with which a practitioner can achieve teeth whitening that lasts for several years. Before bleaching, we regularly carry out professional teeth-cleaning (PZR). This frees your teeth of persistent films and deposits even in hard to reach places and already leads to a first stage of teeth whitening. Here, your natural tooth colour also shows itself, as it presents itself free from everyday discolorations. If you want further brightening after our professional teeth cleaning, the actual bleaching starts for even more perfect  aesthetics , with two different solutions on offer.

Which bleaching solutions are there?

Home bleaching: We manufacture an individual denture splint for you, which you can wear with a gel applied at any time, until the desired degree of whitening is achieved.

In-office bleaching: In addition, we also offer bleaching at our dental surgery where we achieve even greater whitening with a more concentrated bleaching agent and supplemental exposure to UV light. Here, individual darker root canal-treated teeth can be brightened by repeated introduction of a bleaching agent.

All these paths lead you to bright white teeth, quickly and gently. Then, with regular, careful oral hygiene, the cleaning of interdental spaces with dental floss or an interdental brush and dentistry prophylaxis, your new white smile will accompany you for a long time.

Are you interested in professional teeth cleaning, teeth whitening or a professional bleaching? Make your appointment for this now at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE!