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Modern gum treatment and prophylaxis

Periodontitis, also called “periodontal disease”, is a widespread inflammation of the structure that holds the teeth (periodontium), which permanently damages the periodontium and can lead to tooth loosening. This disease progression is gradual in several steps: At the beginning, bacteria are deposited on the tooth and lead to inflamed gums. In the further course, the bacteria penetrate deeper into the periodontium, the gums retract and the bone gets damaged. The affected tooth can no longer be retained in the jaw and eventually falls out. It does not need to come to that! The dental practice Berlin MITTE offers you gentle methods of periodontitis treatment from prophylaxis to laser use.

How is a periodontal disease noticeable?

The biggest problem with periodontal disease is that it causes no pain and goes unnoticed for a long period of time. At the beginning, the “periodontitis” is only noticeable by the slightly reddened gums, which are prone to bleeding or irritation when brushing your teeth. As a result, inflamed gum pockets are formed and the gingiva at the tooth recedes. Often, periodontitis is not discovered until a tooth has become loose.

How can periodontitis be prevented?

In addition to caries, periodontitis is the most common cause of premature tooth loss. Therefore, consistent and regular prophylaxis at the dentist is essential. Because the earlier the inflammation of the gum is detected and treated, the better the disease can be stopped or completely cured. Our Prophylaxis team therefore offers you a comfortable recall service that supports your dental prophylaxis.

How is periodontitis treated?

The treatment of periodontal disease is extremely important for general health, because the inflammatory disease is also related to internal medicine diseases such as heart attack or diabetes. Thus, periodontitis can further worsen blood glucose levels. An existing diabetes in turn can further promote periodontitis. Gingivitis is treated in several steps that are aimed at bringing to an end the inflammation of the gingival crevices:

Photodynamic laser therapy: A gentle and modern option is laser therapy, with which we achieve very good results at our dental practice Berlin MITTE. First, the dentist applies a dye into the periodontal pockets, which stains bacterial plaque and tartar – the actual trigger of periodontitis. Irradiation with the laser is now used to activate the dye, while the gums are not injured. After that, the periodontal pockets can be further treated with ultrasound. Laser therapy has the further advantage that in the case of a downstream laser surgery, much fewer germs and bacteria can enter the bloodstream.

Laser surgery: Another option for laser therapy is periodontal surgery. With the highly concentrated light beam, infected gum tissue is gently removed. Due to the high heat exposure of the laser, the wound closes immediately and prevents post-bleeding.

Ultrasound: The high vibrations of the ultrasound eliminate tartar and plaque easily, even in hard-to-reach places such as interdental spaces or even under the gum line. The teeth are thus cleaned more efficiently and gently than would be possible with conventional hand-held instruments (curettage).

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