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Implants need security

Security is a prerequisite for the long-term, stable seat of aesthetic tooth replacement with implants. Part of this security comes from good oral health resulting from your own home dental care. But also our professional prophylaxis and sufficient bone substance form further bases. In many patients who opt for implant dentures, these preconditions are often not present due to age or following dental diseases. At the dental surgery Professor Olze in Berlin MITTE, we create safe and perfect conditions for the healing in of the later implants in the course of the preliminary treatment.

Prophylaxis – preventive care for implants

The possibilities and services of implantology are only required if the tooth loss has already occurred or if it is no longer possible to preserve existing teeth. The preservation of your natural teeth is always the highest treatment goal of our dental surgery Professor Olze. This includes regular professional prophylaxis as well as the successful treatment of diseases such as gum inflammation, caries or periodontal disease. The earlier these diseases are recognized in the context of regular visits for prophylaxis and treated by us, the greater the chances of successful therapy including the preservation of teeth. Only a tooth that is no longer capable of preservation is pulled and the gap is then supplied with an implant or other denture. In any case, for a low-risk procedure and a subsequent good healing in implants require optimal oral hygiene with complete lack of inflammation, which may need to be achieved in preliminary treatment.

Bone grafting – a solid foundation

If this healthy basis is present, we start at the dental surgery Professor Olze in Berlin MITTE with the planning of implants on the basis of X-rays or the three-dimensional images from digital volume tomography. Both also show the condition of the jaw bone. The bone must still provide sufficient substance for implants to find firm hold during the healing process. After periodontal disease, protracted lack of stimulation by a natural tooth root or for age-related reasons, the jaw bone has already regressed very far in many patients. So that you do not have to do without implants and aesthetic restorations, we prepare the jawbone first with a bone graft for restoration with implant-supported dentures.

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