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For a radiant smile

Teeth are a piece of natural art. But they often also have minor blemishes or get affected over time. With veneers, the dental practice Professor Olze offers you a gentle and fast path to new aesthetics with flawless, radiantly beautiful teeth.

What are veneers?

Veneers are an invention of the nineteen eighties. Hollywood stars quickly made popular the wafer-thin ceramic shells which are stuck on the teeth. They showed how to recover a beaming smile in a minimally invasive way. This was how the glued-on veneers made of allergy and metal-free ceramics spread. The new treatment method with non-allergenic and highly aesthetic all-ceramic veneers was quickly introduced into the range of treatments of specialist dental practices. Dental veneers are used in our dental practice Berlin MITTE primarily for minimally invasive aesthetic treatments in the area of the front and lateral teeth.

What variations are there?

Here, different veneers are used, depending on the desired treatment result and oral situation: some shells require prior preparation with a slight abrasion of the enamel, others can be glued onto the teeth without preparation. Although some veneers are only 0.2 or 0.3 millimetres thick, with good care and mindful behaviour, clinical studies attest a durability of ten years and more to the veneers. Veneers thus give you a perfect smile for many years.

Treatment solutions with veneers

The wafer-thin dental veneers are suitable for concealing a wide variety of blemishes and dental defects. They cover gaps, bring differently long teeth into a regular line, hide cracks, broken off corners or misalignments and are also suitable for concealing discolouration which cannot be removed with normal dental hygiene or professional dental cleaning in the context of prophylaxis.

Advantages of veneers

The thin veneers made from ceramics are absolutely biocompatible and are also suited for allergy sufferers. In addition, neither plaque nor other deposits adhere to the smooth veneer surface. The colour of your veneers remains permanently preserved – in contrast to bleaching – and at the same time, due to their slight transparency, combined with good lighting properties, look absolutely natural. In spite of the need for the practitioner to remove tooth substance when using certain veneers, veneer treatment is one of the gentlest dental procedures in the field of aesthetics.

If more extensive aesthetic corrections are required, or the natural tooth substance needs to be replaced more extensively, all-ceramic crowns may be required.

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