Reconstruction of abrasive dentition - Berlin MITTE

Teeth like new, only better

Our natural teeth should last as long as possible and help with eating, chewing or talking. Often, however, teeth show signs of severe wear already at a younger age, even up to damage to the hard tooth substance. Individual teeth or whole rows of teeth can be affected by unconscious habits or load placed on them in the wrong way. This causes them to clearly lose height. This affects aesthetics, can lead to tooth loss, affect anatomical structures in the jaw and facial area or also trigger chronic pains down to the spine. Are you also affected? At the dental practice Berlin MITTE, we can help you aesthetically and functionally – with a reconstruction of your teeth – in this way, we’ll give you back a radiant, carefree smile and new quality of life with perfect dentures from a qualified Berlin master laboratory.

Causes for damages to the teeth

There are many triggers for such tooth damage: Teeth grinding or constantly pressing the teeth together – especially at night – are considered the most common causes. The behaviour goes unnoticed during sleep and often results from stress and unresolved psychological issues. The effect on the teeth is sometimes disastrous: the enormous pressure over a long time first destroys the enamel and then attacks even the hard tooth substance. Also, congenital or acquired malocclusions or poorly adapted dentures can be a trigger for tooth wear and bite problems. Often the anterior teeth are affected, where the aesthetic impairment is quickly and clearly visible, or the damage extends to posterior teeth – dentists then speak of the abrasive dentition, in cases of complex dysfunctions also of a craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD).

Our treatment to restore your teeth

Dentist Professor Olze and his team have long-standing experience with the aesthetic and functional recovery of abrasive dentition. Here, a part of the treatment devotes itself to the optical reconstruction of your teeth with dentures made of natural-looking, stable ceramic. Veneers or all-ceramic dental crowns used in this case are individually made for you by a qualified Berlin master laboratory. At the same time, we will rebuild your teeth in such a way that future false load on them – with new damage or other pain – will be avoided. For the protection of your new beautiful teeth against teeth grinding or nocturnal pressing them together, you will get a dental splint from us. At the same time, we will also support you concerning complementary therapies and discuss these with you, so that you can leave behind the causes for teeth grinding or pressing, finally, allowing you to laugh and chew again completely carefree and with nice teeth.

Would you like a personal consultation for help with and treatment of worn or damaged teeth? Make your appointment for this now at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE!