All-ceramic crowns - Berlin MITTE

Beautiful teeth out of passion for precision

Perfect replacement teeth cannot be distinguished from natural teeth in terms of aesthetics, provide optimum functionality with high-quality material and, thanks to precise manufacturing, fit perfectly into any row of teeth. Our dental practice Berlin MITTE is your partner for exactly this quality standard – out of a passion for beautiful teeth.

Metal-free tooth replacement for all cases

Overload, accidents or dental disease such as tooth decay damage your teeth. Holes or broken tooth parts are the result. They mean at the same time a gap in the natural protective coat of the teeth which we must close at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE to protect the remaining dental substance or to recover chewing function and natural dental aesthetics. Even with a root canal treatment, it is necessary to close the opened tooth again after successful therapy.

Ceramics – treatment solutions

Depending on the extent and location of the damage to your tooth, full ceramic inlays and crowns are used to reconstruct the defect.

Inlays: Damage to the occlusal surface or minor caries defects in the interproximal area are closed with all-ceramic inlays. In addition, inlays may protectively cover further tooth areas from the acting chewing forces. For more complete reconstruction of the occlusal surface, full ceramic overlays or partial crowns are required. The boundaries between inlays and partial crowns are sometimes fluid.

Crowns: To protect large teeth parts or a complete, more damaged tooth, all-ceramic crowns are used, which replace the natural tooth crown partially or completely.

For inlays, crowns or veneers, at the dental surgery Professor Olze, we trust entirely in ceramics, because this material offers many advantages as a basis for high-quality, aesthetic tooth replacements.

Advantages of ceramic for tooth replacements

Excellent material properties: The ceramic used for tooth replacements is a modern high-performance material based on zirconium oxide and impresses with its high dimensional stability and enormous resilience. At the same time, this tooth replacement is free of metal, absolutely biocompatible and also suitable for allergy sufferers. Ceramics do not show any interaction with other dental materials and also do not conduct temperature stimuli of hot or cold foods and beverages.

Antibacterial: Plaque or bacteria hardly adhere to their smooth surface. Accordingly, full ceramic dentures also offer aesthetic advantages: In contrast to plastics, which, due to bacterial infestation, increasingly show colour changes over time, ceramics do not discolour at all.

Colour fastness: The colour of the ceramics is like the colour of real teeth. Due to its slight light transmittance, it underlines the aesthetics of the tooth replacement and is reminiscent of natural teeth in appearance. Food dyes or nicotine cannot stain full ceramic tooth replacements.

Do you want beautiful teeth with aesthetic dentures made of ceramics? Make your appointment now and come in for a consultation at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE.