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Invisible dental correction for adults

An open laugh or smile is our most likeable and nicest communication tool. It succeeds all the more easily and gets an even more positive reaction from the other person if we can show a set of beautiful, straight teeth. Such regular, flawless rows of teeth are rather a rarity in nature, however. Most people have various deformities, such as crowding or gaps, which affect the aesthetics of the anterior teeth. Are you also affected? At the dental surgery Professor Olze, we will be glad to help you with a harmony splint – an invisible brace for adults.

Uncomplicated path to straight teeth

In this way, we give you the opportunity to finally laugh again light-heartedly with nice, straight teeth.  This dental splint also still functions for dental correction with impressive results at adult age, without other people noticing the almost invisible dental splint in everyday life. Despite the invisibility of the splints, the aesthetic result of adult braces treatment is impressive and sustainable.

What is a harmony splint?

The harmony splint is a removable, transparent and therefore invisible, highly flexible plastic splint. It is made individually for you, your dentition and your specific malocclusions. In the anterior region, this splint straightens your teeth and does so completely unnoticed. You can laugh, talk and kiss as usual with this dental splint, specially designed for adult teeth straightening, while the plastic of the splint unobtrusively aligns your teeth into a beautiful, straight row of teeth.

Our treatment with the harmony splint

Diagnostics & planning: After a detailed examination at the dental practice Berlin MITTE, models of your jaws are produced. Afterwards, we will determine whether you can be treated with the harmony splint. We will also be happy to produce a target model for you so that you can visually see the later result – beautiful straight teeth – even before the treatment with the braces for adults actually begins. Afterwards you receive your personal beauty plan from us, including cost estimate, for maximum transparency.

Duration of treatment and procedure: Of course, we will also discuss the individual treatment measures with you and the cost framework, explain how many splints are necessary for your invisible tooth correction or how long the treatment will take, so that you can then decide at your leisure and with all the important information at your disposal. On average, our patients smile with beautiful straight teeth after four months – thanks to the harmony splint. Individually adapted and hygienically individually packed dental splints have then gradually removed the misalignment when wearing them all day long (except when eating and brushing one’s teeth). Of course, we accompany you regularly during the treatment and check your progress towards achieving the perfect smile.

Are you interested in teeth correction with invisible braces for adults? Make your appointment now at the dental surgery Berlin MITTE.