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Out of passion for precision – digital X-ray (DVT)

Sustainable and holistically planned aesthetic dentures on implants allow you to have beautiful teeth for a lifetime. Three factors are decisive for this reliability and the firm fixture of dental implants up to old age: selected, proven materials, the passion of a practitioner experienced in implantology, and finally the precision of modern computer technology. At the dental surgery Professor Olze, we use the possibilities of digitization especially in implant planning with digital volume tomography (DVT) to guarantee long-term treatment success with the utmost precision.

3D X-ray with digital volume tomography

Digital volume tomography, DVT for short, is now an integral part of the modern dental practice. It is an imaging technique with three-dimensional representation of mouth, jaw or facial regions. The advantages compared to conventional projection images by means of X-rays are manifold. DVT also shows the finest anatomical structures in a precise spatial image without the typical image overlays and blurring of classical X-rays. At the same time, the radiation exposure for a DVT recording is lower for you as a patient than for normal X-rays and the recording itself is simple, pleasant and directly at the dentist’s practice: Take a seat on a comfortable chair, the DVT device rotates around your head, collects your data, and then provides it as 3D images at each workstation in our dental surgery seconds later – diagnostics cannot be simpler and more accurate today.

3D diagnostics and implant planning

At the dental surgery Professor Olze Berlin MITTE, DVT technology extends our range of treatments for you. Digital X-ray and dental volume tomography are used here in the diagnostics or planning of dental implants, allow gentle, fast and secure provision of dentures on implants through 3D implantology or support us in successful bone grafting as preparation for the use of dental implants. In many areas of implantology, DVT thus creates the foundations for maximum safety and highest precision in every treatment.

Are you interested in a reliable manner of getting dental implants with 3D X-ray? Make an appointment at the dental surgery Professor Olze in Berlin MITTE!